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RAW VIDEO: Firefighters battle 2nd alarm fire on the east side

City of Allentown

At 20:06 Allentown transmitted box 3243 for 224 South Carlisle Street at Fairview St. for a fire sending the ticket to Engines 13, 6, 9, 4 (F.A.S.T.), Truck 2 and Battalion 3 (Atiyeh).

Enroute, fire dispatch advised the companies that people were trapped, a baby inside and a person on the roof.  Police were on the scene quickly and had fire showing.  Battalion Chief Atiyeh struck the second alarm immediately as he could see fire from the Hamilton Street bridge crossing into the east side.  Engines 10 and 11 were sent on the second alarm.

On arrival, all companies went to search and rescue.  Once everyone was confirmed out of the apartments, the crews started fire suppression.  Searches came up negative.  Two dogs were found and removed by firefighters to awaiting paramedics.

Command warned the interior crews not to advance to far into the building until a water supply was established to Engine 13.  Captian Kutz (4A) told command of many holes in the floor.  The Battalion chief ordered the evacuation tones to be sounded at 20:24.

Multiple lines were stretched and in operation.  The fire traveled up the walls and into the cockloft.

Truck 2 was positioned on the Fairview Street side and once the power was cut to overhead power lines, Truck 2 went in-service with their master stream.