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Northampton County

Late Tuesday morning, a routine traffic stop turned into a violent confrontation where a Trooper was shot multiple times.

After writing a speeding ticket and telling the driver he was free to go, the driver exited his car and walked back to the Troopers vehicle to ask a question.  The Trooper was suspicious the driver was under the influence and called for back-up.

After conducting a field sobriety test, the two officers proceeded to arrest the driver.  The driver engaged in a violent confrontation and managed to free himself as they fought along side the highway.  He managed to gain access to his own car and retrieve a gun where a shootout commenced.  The driver shot the trooper multiple times and then fled in the car.  The second Trooper shooting at the suspect as he drove away.

A short time later, a person matching the description of the suspect walked into the Easton Hospital with a gunshot wound.  Police responded to the hospital and confirmed it was the suspect.

He was later transferred to the Lehigh Valley Hospital.  The Trooper was flown to the Saint Lukes Trauma Center where he underwent surgery.  He is listed in critical but stable condition.

Video by Mike Nester.